Little Tips

Random tips for cam models.

Brightly painted walls reflect more light.

Block/ban bitchy jealous girls as soon as they pop up!

Don't use your age in your username. You're going to age, then it is just a reminder of how long you've been doing this.

Offer un-worn, but picked by you, panties too. For fans that have a thing about germs.

When selling panties offer levels of wearage: 1 day, 4 days, 2 weeks :'O

Don't mistake a bad day as a bad camgirl! Being live on cam for hours for a constantly rotating door of friends & strangers is taxing!

When you spend all day making a new video and forget to cam XD

Have a little sign saying "Be right back!"

Don't stay still too long. It is dead air. They might as well look at JPGs.

The person who squirts on the camera has to clean the camera!

We sell our panties. Why not our old bras too!

Short cables are a pain in the ear.